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September 17, 2009



September 17, 2009

The meeting of the BHV Planning Commission was called to order by Chair Laura Weingartner at 7:37 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Commissioners MacKrell, Wallace, Weingartner and Zoldan. Absent: Commissioners Boddie, McCabe and Richards. Others present: ZPA Perry, BHV Long Range Planning Committee Chair Cheryl MacKrell and BHMC President Chuck Bultman.


MINUTES Motion The minutes of the June 9, 2009 meeting were approved as printed. (Wallace/Zoldan/Passed unanimously)




Master Plan The draft Master Plan was posted to the BHV website shortly after the last Planning Commission meeting, and announced in Issues 10, 12 and 13 of the Barton Bulletin. No public comments have been received other than the email distributed just prior to this meeting. Mrs. Esch noted that one resident requested a paper copy. Discussion focused on the email comments submitted by resident Donna Kelly (referenced above) along with comments made by Chuck Bultman in person. Topics included (following Mrs. Kelly’s comments in order):

--Mrs. Esch will consult with Mrs. Kelly concerning the historical data in question in Section 2.2 and make sure the statements are accurate.

--While the scope of the Master Plan is 25 years, it is impossible to predict that far into the future. Recent economic events serve as an example of how quickly expectations need to be adjusted to match reality. The Master Plan will be reviewed every five years, and can be amended at any time. The Commissioners have chosen to set the tone of the Master Plan based on past community support for existing land uses and maintaining the ambiance/character of the village. There may certainly be changes in the future, but no significant changes are purposefully anticipated in the Master Plan. The Commissioners reaffirmed their support of the Master Plan on this topic.

--Mr. Bultman questioned the statement that there is a “lack of available land area for new development” in Section 3.2. The Commissioners agreed to change the wording to indicate that there is a lack of available land planned for new development. Mr. Perry left

--Reference to Recreation and Open Spaces in Section 3.5.2 may place more emphasis than is appropriate on Barton Hills Country Club, which is private rather than public recreation space. Mr. Carlisle will be asked for his perspective on this section.

--Interpretation of past minutes in regard to possible development of the North 40 has been previously discussed. While it is difficult to say conclusively whether or not past proposals were actively supported, the fact remains that no proposal has ever been adopted. The Commissioners reaffirmed their support of this statement in Section 3.5.3.

--The question of planned use stated in the Ann Arbor Township Master Plan was discussed relative to Section 3.5.5. Mr. Bultman commented that the township plan seems to indicate a higher density of residential use in the area immediately across Whitmore Lake Road from BHV which is not reflected in this section of the BHV plan.

The Commissioners supported the concept of green space and low density residential use in this area, noting that the term “density” is relative. Mr. Perry will be asked to check the Ann Arbor Township Master Plan.

--Mrs. Kelly’s comments regarding Sections 3.7.2, 4.3, 4.5, 5.2.3 and 5.8.2 were noted.

--Wording in Section 5.2.1 is deliberate and supported by the Commissioners.

--Comment regarding Section 5.4.4 is valid, but more appropriately addressed in the subsequent zoning ordinance where details can be more specifically stated.

--Comment regarding Section 5.6.1 again reflects the possibility of unexpected future events. Since the Master Plan can be reviewed and amended at any time, the Commissioners supported the setting forth of expectations with the understanding that future events can be adequately addressed if they arise.

--Regarding Section 6.7, it is reasonable to assume that BHV will fulfill its obligations to review the Master Plan as legally required.

The Commissioners agreed that any changes resulting from the discussion should be made soon, and a special meeting called before the regularly scheduled meeting in November so the plan can continue to move through the process without unnecessary delay.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 PM (MacKrell/Wallace//Passed unanimously).

Janice K. Esch, Assistant Secretary     Approved 11/19/09