Barton Hills Village, Michigan

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March 19, 2009



March 19, 2009

The meeting of the BHV Planning Commission was called to order by Chair Laura Weingartner at 7:35 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Commissioners MacKrell, McCabe, Wallace and Weingartner. Absent: Commissioners Boddie, Nichols and Richards. Others present: ZPA Perry, BHV Long Range Planning Committee Chair Cheryl MacKrell and Supt. Esch.


MINUTES Motion The minutes of the February 19, 2009 meeting were approved as printed. (McCabe/MacKrell/Passed unanimously)

COMMUNICATIONS/ANNOUNCEMENTS Mr. Perry noted that Ordinance No. 26 (Planning Commission) was amended by the BHV Board of Trustees to be compliant with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act (Public Act 33 of 2008).



Master Plan Master Plan Draft version 5A was distributed to the Commissioners prior to the meeting, along with a second version that had just a few minor changes. Discussion included:

--This version reflects the discussion at the February 19, 2009 Planning Commission meeting, when planning consultant Dick Carlisle was present.

--On the Existing Land Use map, the employee house (Ward) is indicated. Was this parcel rezoned to residential? Mr. Perry replied that the Use map does not have to conform strictly to zoning designation, as it is a representation of current use regardless of current zoning. It was agreed that both the Existing Land Use map and the Future Land Use map should indicate the residential nature of that lot, along with more specific identification of the area used for municipal buildings.

--The maps should all be together in the back, rather than interspersed throughout the document. This change will be made.

--It was decided that photographs were not necessary in the body of the Master Plan. The cover design will be changed to have the blueprint drawing of the Upper Gate in the background, along with the BHV logo. The cover and maps will be printed in color, with the rest of the document in black/white.

Motion The Master Plan will be sent informally to the Board of Trustees for their comments, with no official action requested at this time. (MacKrell/McCabe/Passed unanimously)


Amendment to Planning Commission Rules Motion The amended Planning Commission Rules were approved as printed with two additional changes:

--Section 6.1. “...The commission shall meet in regular session at least four times each calendar year on the Thursday immediately prior to that month’s Village Council meeting.”

--Any reference to “Village Council” will be changed to “Board of Trustees.”

(MacKrell/McCabe/Passed unanimously)

Commission Meeting Dates The Commissioners approved the revised 2009 meeting dates: May 21, July 16, September 17 and November 19.

Election of Officers for 2009 The current slate of officers was reelected (Chair Laura Weingartner, Vice Chair Ruthann Nichols, Secretary John MacKrell). (McCabe/MacKrell/Passed unanimously)

The meeting was adjourned at 8:07 PM (McCabe/MacKrell//Passed unanimously).

Janice K. Esch, Assistant Secretary     Approved 6/9/09