Barton Hills Village, Michigan

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August 8, 2016



August 8, 2016

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President ProTem Butterwick at 6:01 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Benson, Borel, Butterwick, Langford, MacKrell and van der Velde. Absent: Trustees Boddie and Izenberg.
Others attending: Supt. Esch, Asst. Supt. Hnatow, Asst. Treas. King, BHMC President Legacki and four residents.

PUBLIC COMMENT Four residents spoke regarding recent water main repairs made in the area from 351 to 540 Barton Shore Drive. Reference was made to a letter from former Water Committee Chair Jim Wilkes regarding this section of the BHV water system stating that it has experienced a high number of leaks and should be replaced. [Letter received/emailed to Board 8/8/16 11:20 AM] The four residents stated that such frequent water leaks cause much distress, damage and inconvenience to those affected as well as health and safety issues. They urged the Board to replace the water main as soon as possible.

On resident additionally spoke urging the Board to revisit culling of the deer, noting the increase in the deer population and resulting hazards/damage/safety issues.

MINUTES Minutes of the July 11, 2016 Trustees meeting were approved as printed. (MacKrell/Benson/P)

FINANCE/FINANCE COMMITTEE The Cash Balances report was distributed. The Cash Disbursements for July 2016 were approved as printed (Aux. Book XXIII E(6)). (Al-Awar/Benson/P)


Zoning Administrator (Perry) No report.

Planning Commission (MacKrell) No report.


Water (Davis/JEsch) Trustees were in agreement that replacement of the water main along Barton Shore Drive should be pursued. Mr. Al-Awar will work with Mr. Esch/Mr. Hnatow regarding engineering services necessary to determine estimated costs. Mr. Esch noted that such a project requires time for drawings and DEQ approvals, adding that there is also a serious problem with the main well pump that will be addressed this week. All agreed that maintenance of the water system is of highest priority.

Environmental/Security (Butterwick/MacKrell) A recent Ann Arbor Township newsletter stated that six additional warning sirens will be added to assure complete coverage of the township. Hopefully this will improve coverage for BHV residents.

Recreation (Benson) The contract for Dollie the Trolley to provide Halloween transportation has been completed. Mrs. Benson will check on cost for the pizza party. Invitations for the Fall picnic will be sent soon.

Roads/Vehicles (Al-Awar) Road use issues (pedestrians, parking) were discussed.

Long Range Planning (MacKrell) No report.

Personnel (Langford) No report.

Zoning (Perry) No report.



The meeting was adjourned at 7:01 PM. (MacKrell/van der Velde/P)

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk     Approved 9/12/16