Barton Hills Village, Michigan

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June 9, 2014



June 9, 2014

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Boddie at 6:03 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Benson, Boddie, Borel, Izenberg, Langford, MacKrell and van der Velde. Absent: Trustee Butterwick.
Others attending: Supt. Esch and one resident.

PUBLIC COMMENT One resident commented on unusual noise from the water tower telecommunications equipment, condition of the entrance to the water tower, and possible erosion on Barton Shore Drive. The Trustees will investigate these matters.

MINUTES Minutes of the May 12, 2014 Trustees meeting were approved as printed. (MacKrell/Langford/P)

FINANCE/FINANCE COMMITTEE The Cash Balances report was distributed. The Cash Disbursements for May 2014 were approved as printed (Aux. Book XVI E(4)).(Al-Awar/MacKrell/P)


Zoning and Planning Administrator (Perry) No report.

Planning Commission (MacKrell) No report.


Recreation (Benson) Dollie the Trolley will be hired for the Halloween ride. The picnic date of September 7, 2014 was confirmed.

Environmental (Butterwick/MacKrell) No report.

Long Range Planning (MacKrell) No report.

Personnel (Langford) No report.

Roads/Vehicles (Al-Awar) No report.

Security (Butterwick) No report.

Water (Davis) No report.

Zoning/ZO Revision (Perry) No report.


Proposed Charter Amendment The Resolution Proposing Amendments to the Barton Hills Village Charter was taken from the table and adopted. (MacKrell/van der Velde/ RollCall: Aye— Al-Awar, Benson, Boddie, Borel, Izenberg, Langford, MacKrell, van der Velde; Nay—none; Absent—Butterwick/P)

Proposed Ordinance Amendment Proposed Ordinance No. 47 to amend Ordinance No. 37 (Illicit Discharge Elimination Program) was approved for publication in the Barton Bulletin to solicit public comment. (Benson/Langford/P)

NEW BUSINESS The Trustees discussed the pros and cons of having a property maintenance ordinance, referencing the International Property Maintenance Code and Atty. Laidlaw’s written comments. It was agreed that this is a complex topic and that the discussion will continue at the next Trustees meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:43 PM. (MacKrell/Borel/P)

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk     Approved 7/14/14