Barton Hills Village, Michigan

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April 14, 2014



April 14, 2014

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Boddie at 6:01 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Borel, Butterwick, Izenberg, Langford, MacKrell and van der Velde. Absent: Trustee Benson. Others attending: ZPA Perry, Asst. Treasurer King, Supt. Esch and one resident.

PUBLIC COMMENT One resident commented on a large group of college-age runners (about 50) on the BHV roads on March 24, acting boisterous and not obeying the new ordinance regulations about running single file facing traffic.

MINUTES Minutes of the March 10, 2014 Trustees meeting were approved as printed. (MacKrell/Langford/P)

PROPOSED CHARTER AMENDMENT The Resolution Proposing Amendments to the Barton Hills Village Charter was taken from the table and adopted. (Langford/Butterwick/RollCall: Aye— Al-Awar, Boddie, Borel, Butterwick, Izenberg, Langford, MacKrell, van der Velde; Nay—none; Absent—Benson/P)


Zoning and Planning Administrator (Perry) Brief discussion regarding construction of new boathouses on the waterfront (not prohibited in the zoning ordinance but requires set back variance; no active applications at present). Mr. Perry will send a letter to the residents at 903 Oakdale Road allowing 30 days to submit a fence permit application for a fence already constructed.

Planning Commission (MacKrell) The Planning Commission is holding a special meeting/public hearing on April 29, 2014 regarding the proposed zoning ordinance/map.

FINANCE/FINANCE COMMITTEE The Cash Balances report was distributed. The Cash Disbursements for March 2014 were approved as printed (Aux. Book XVI E(2)). (Butterwick/Al-Awar/P)


Recreation (Benson) A community picnic will be held on September 7 (tentative date).

Security (Butterwick) The Security Committee will obtain quotes for installation of an emergency warning siren in BHV.
                                                                                                                        Mr. Izenberg left

Environmental (Butterwick/MacKrell) No report.

Long Range Planning (MacKrell) No report.

Personnel (Langford) No report.

Roads/Vehicles (Al-Awar) No report.

Water (Davis) No report.

Zoning/ZO Revision (Perry) No report.


NEW BUSINESS Mr. Boddie presented information regarding the AT&T telecommunications equipment on the BHV water tower.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:42 PM. (MacKrell/Butterwick/ P)

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk     Approved 5/12/14