Barton Hills Village, Michigan

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May 9, 2011



May 9, 2011

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Boddie at 6:03 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Benson, Borel, Boddie, Butterwick, Langford, MacKrell and Wilkes. Absent: Trustee Izenberg.
Others attending: Asst. Treas. King, Supt. Esch, ZPA Perry, BHMC President Bultman, five BHMC Directors, Wall Permit applicants and ten residents.

PUBLIC BUDGET HEARING The Public Budget Hearing was convened at 6:04 PM.  A synopsis of the Barton Hills Village 2011-2012 budget was distributed to all residents (Barton Bulletin Vol. LVII No. 5). The millage rate remains at 10 mills. There being no public comments, the public hearing was closed at 6:05 PM.

FINANCE The Cash Balances report and an additional page of April Checks Addendum were distributed. A millage rate of 10.000 mills to be levied to generate $521,000 in village taxes for operating expenses was approved. (MacKrell/Butterwick/P) The April 2011 Cash Disbursements were approved as printed. (See Aux. Book VI E) (MacKrell/Al-Awar/P)

WALL PERMIT The application to construct a safety fence at 860 Colliston Road was approved. (MacKrell/Borel/P)

MINUTES Minutes of the April 11, 2011 Trustee meeting were approved as printed.(Al-Awar/Langford/P)

PUBLIC COMMENT Several residents spoke concerning the trimming of trees to maintain a view. BHV takes care of trimming trees along the roads for safety, but BHMC is responsible for trees on their property. BHMC Directors present responded that they are working to develop a policy for tree trimming that will be fair and equitable.
                                                                                 Mr. Wilkes arrived

COMMITTEE REPORTS Written committee reports were distributed in the Barton Bulletin (Vol. LVII, No. 5).

Environmental Mrs. MacKrell summarized the status of the deer issue.

Recreation Mrs. Benson noted the Fiesta Social being held this Thursday, May 12.

OLD BUSINESS Proposed Ordinance No. 38 will be discussed at the next meeting.


The meeting was adjourned at 6:36 PM. (Benson/Butterwick/P)

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk     Approved 6/13/11