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February 14, 2011



February 14, 2011

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Pro Tem Butterwick at 6:03 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Benson, Borel, Butterwick, Izenberg, Langford, MacKrell and Wilkes. Absent: Trustee Boddie (on speakerphone).
Others attending: Asst. Treasurer King, Supt. Esch, BHMC President Bultman and one resident.


MINUTES Minutes of the January 10, 2011 Trustees meeting were approved as printed. (Wilkes/Benson/P)

FINANCE/FINANCE COMMITTEE The Cash Balances report was distributed. The Cash Disbursements for January 2011 (Aux. Book I E (9)) were approved as printed. (MacKrell/Langford/P)


Zoning and Planning Administrator (Perry) No report.

Planning Commission (Boddie) The Planning Commission is actively working on the zoning ordinance and expects to present a preliminary recommendation to the Trustees in six months.


Recreation (Benson) The Spring Social will be held at Barton Hills Country Club on Thursday, May 12, 2011 (the alternate date is no longer available). Format will be cocktails/light buffet with the emphasis on socializing.

Water (Wilkes) Several items in the written committee report were discussed.

1) Geothermal Permit. Since satisfactory pressure test results were received from Barton Hills Country Club, the permit requirements of Ordinance No. 30 have been met and the application was approved. (MacKrell/Benson/P) The Geothermal Permit application for 790 Barton Shore Drive was approved contingent on verification of the testing information received from the applicant. (Wilkes/Al-Awar/P) Ordinance No. 30 requires pressure testing of geothermal systems every three years.

2) Water rates. Water Committee research indicates that water billings cover about 7% of the cost of the water system with the remaining portion paid through property tax revenue. Ann Arbor City charges about eight times the rate BHV charges for water, although it was noted that city water is already softened/treated for iron, etc. The committee will research a progressive usage rate system and Mr. Boddie will consult with Atty. Laidlaw about legal requirements for funding of the water system.

3) Unpaid water bills. A policy will be developed to address unpaid water bills. (Wilkes/Al-Awar/P)

4) Stormwater Training. Stormwater management and illicit discharge prevention information was discussed.

5) Proposed Illicit Discharge Elimination Prevention ordinance. Item h will be further researched relative to swimming pool backwash drainage. The proposed ordinance will be published in the next Barton Bulletin for public comment.

Security (Butterwick/MacKrell) Effectiveness to date of the electronic speed sign was discussed, including placement of the 25 mph speed limit signage.

Environmental (Butterwick) No report.

Long Range Planning (MacKrell) No report.

Personnel (Langford) No report.

Roads (Al-Awar) No report.

Zoning/ZO Revision (Perry) No report.


AT&T Work is in progress to correct the placement of the new cable.


Additional information has been requested from a resident seeking a property combination.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:22 PM. (MacKrell/Benson/P)

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk     Approved 3/14/11