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April 13, 2009



April 13, 2009

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Laporte at 6:04 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Bogat, Butterwick, Langford, Laporte, Lindstrom, MacKrell and Wilkes. Absent: None.

Others attending: Atty. Laidlaw, ZPA Perry, Planning Commission Chair Laura Weingartner, Asst. Treasurer Redies, Supt. Esch, BHMC President Bultman and resident Linda Pickl.

FENCE APPLICATION Application has been received from Linda Pickl to install a dog fence at her home at 860 Colliston Road. It was determined that more information is needed regarding the fencing material and whether the fence will encroach into the side or rear set backs. Mr. Perry will advise Ms. Pickl, with expectation that the application will be considered at the May 11, 2009 Board of Trustees meeting.

PUBLIC COMMENT One resident spoke concerning proposed Ordinance No. 29 (geothermal systems), asking for reconsideration of the language. Geothermal units can cut homeowner costs by 50% and are being installed more frequently. Leakage of chemicals from a system could cause pollution. Contractors consulted by the resident expressed concern about the ordinance’s requirement for on-going testing under over-pressurized conditions, feeling this would cause unwarranted strain on the system. A safer way would be to ensure the system is constantly monitored for pressure.

MINUTES Motion Mr. Lindstrom moved that the minutes of the March 9, 2009 Trustees meeting be approved as printed. Mrs. Langford seconded; the motion carried.

FINANCE/FINANCE COMMITTEE Mrs. Redies noted one correction in the Cash Disbursements list (Checks 10922, 10923 and 10924 are duplicates and should be indicated as voided). Motion Mr. Boddie moved that the Cash Disbursements for March 2009 be approved as printed (see Aux. Book XXIII D). Mr. Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried. Mr. Boddie commented concerning the 2009-2010 proposed budget:

--Revenues have decreased in the last two fiscal years by about $90,000, which is a significant amount, mainly due to lower interest earnings and a decreased tax base.

--Some savings have been realized through the change in insurance carriers.

--Several Trustees have examined the old plow truck, agreeing that a new one is needed.

--Repayment of the loan for the Village Hall will cost about $48,000/year for the next ten years.

--In previous years $25,000 was transferred annually to the Public Improvement Fund as a reserve in case of unexpected expenses. The Fund has a current balance of about $200,000, with only $5,000 being added to the fund under the proposed 2009-2010 budget.

--The amount committed for the Village Hall project will be used as planned.

--The new fiscal year will begin with about $635,000 in the general fund. It is expected that expenses will be greater than revenues by about $25,000.

--The Finance Committee recommends approval of the proposed budget.

Motion Mrs. MacKrell moved that the proposed budget for 2009-2010 be approved as presented (see Aux. Book XXIV D). Mr. Boddie seconded; the motion carried.

CHARTER AMENDMENT Atty. Laidlaw is working with the State of Michigan Attorney General’s office on the charter amendment.

ORDINANCES Appreciation was expressed to Atty. Laidlaw for his memo explaining the reasoning that supports the proposed amendments to Ordinance No. 2 (Public Conduct). Enforcement of ordinances was discussed. Motion Mrs. Langford moved that Ordinance No. 28 (amendment of Ordinance No. 2—Public Behavior) be adopted. Mr. Lindstrom seconded; the motion carried.

Discussion of proposed Ordinance No. 29 (regulation of geothermal systems) included:

--The Water Committee has provided data in previous reports regarding geothermal systems to support adoption of this ordinance.

--Chemical leakage from geothermal systems would be a serious problem. This ordinance provides necessary safety regulations.

--Notwithstanding the comments made earlier by the public, the regulations should be stringent to ensure that high quality systems are installed. The proposed standards for testing are appropriate.

--On-going testing should be done in the same way as the initial testing.

Motion Mr. Boddie moved that Section 4(c) of proposed Ordinance No. 29 be amended to state: “All geothermal systems must be pressure checked to the original standard by a licensed geothermal contractor, every three (3) years from the certification date.” Mr. Wilkes seconded; the motion carried with Mr. Al-Awar voting no.

--In the effort to protect BHV water resources, should private wells also be banned or regulated?

--Not all the houses are connected to the municipal water system--there are homes along Whitmore Lake Road that have private wells.

--Data would need to be provided to support regulation of private wells.

Motion Mr. Boddie moved that Ordinance No. 29 (regulation of geothermal systems) be approved as printed, with the amendment of Section 4(c) as previously approved. Mr. Lindstrom seconded; the motion carried with Mr. Al-Awar voting no.


PLANNING COMMISSION The draft Master Plan was discussed, with input from Planning Commission Chair Laura Weingartner who described the overall goals and direction of the project. Trustee comments indicated support of the document, with appreciation expressed for the easy to read style of the language. Trustees were asked to send specific written comments to the Planning Commission prior to the May 21, 2009 meeting of the commission. The steps yet to come as described in the introduction of the plan were also noted. Mr. Boddie and Mr. Laidlaw left


Environmental The Deer Culling Program was discussed; Trustee input will be reviewed by the committee. An update on the Huron River and Impoundment Management Plan Committee (Ann Arbor City/Argo Pond) was given.

Maintenance Area/Buildings Appreciation was expressed for the progress being made to improve the area, as described in the written report.

Water Mr. Wilkes added to his written report that Mrs. Esch would be attending a meeting this week regarding the Stormwater Discharge Permit requirements.

BHMC Liaison There were no comments on Mr. Lindstrom’s written report. The question of insurance coverage relating to BHMC was raised; the BHV insurance carrier will be asked to write a letter describing coverage in the current policy.

Village Administration Center No report.

Long RangePlanning No report.

Ordinance Revision No report.

Personnel No report.

Recreation No report.

Security No report.

Zoning/ZO Revision No report.



Michigan Firehouse Museum It was suggested that the BHV Fire Truck be donated to the Michigan Firehouse Museum in Ypsilanti. Reasons supporting this suggestion included the age/lack of usefulness of the truck, appropriate preservation of the historic vehicle and more efficient use of the garage space. Insurance ratings and certification status will be investigated. Mr. Esch shared some of the history of the truck. Mr. Wilkes left

Ann Arbor TownshipRezoning Proposal Concerns regarding proposed rezoning of the parcel of land owned by the Michigan Department of Transportation in Ann Arbor Township just outside the Lower Gate on Whitmore Lake Road were expressed. Rezoning, which would allow for construction of a cell tower, is a deviation from the Ann Arbor Township Master Plan designation of the area as residential.

Annual Meeting The Annual Meeting of the Board of Trustees will be held at 6:00 PM on Monday, May 11, 2009 at the Village Hall. The Public Budget Hearing will be the first agenda item.

Village Hall Landscaping Mr. Al-Awar distributed an estimate for fencing around the gas pumps.

Mrs. MacKrell moved the meeting be adjourned at 9:00 PM. Mr. Lindstrom seconded; the motion carried.

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk