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August 11, 2008



August 11, 2008

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Laporte at 6:23 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Bogat, Butterwick, Langford, Laporte, Lindstrom, MacKrell and Wilkes. Absent: None.

Others attending: ZPA Perry, Asst. Treasurer Redies, Supt. Esch and BHMC President Bultman.


MINUTES Motion Mrs. Langford moved that the minutes of the July 14, 2008 Trustees meeting be approved as printed. Mr. Boddie seconded; the motion carried.

FINANCE The Cash Balances report was distributed. Mr. Boddie noted that savings are spread out among several financial institutions, and amounts will be redistributed as certificates come due in order to keep funds at insurable levels.

An amended budget report was distributed. Mr. Boddie explained that the amount of tax revenue expected for fiscal year 2008-2009 is lower than the previous year due to declining property values; some properties by as much as 50%. Projected expenses are very close to projected revenues, and the village is fortunate to have a surplus in savings so a slight overage in expenses would not be a crisis. Motion Mr. Boddie moved that the amended budget be approved as printed (see Aux. Book XX D(2)). Mr. Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried.

The cash disbursements were discussed. Mr. Boddie and Mrs. Redies will work with the new software to add more detail to the disbursements listing. It was noted that the new lawn mower was purchased for less than the amount budgeted. Motion Mr. Lindstrom moved that the 1st Quarter Cash Disbursements be approved as printed (see Aux. Book XX D(3)). Mr. Boddie seconded; the motion carried.

Mr. Boddie noted one correction in the Resolution regarding the VAC loan: on page 1, item 2, the interest rate is 7.1%, not 6.05% as printed. He added that in his on-going discussions with the bank, he felt this was a fair rate given the economic conditions. Motion Mr. Boddie moved that the Resolution Authorizing Execution and Delivery of an Installment Purchase Agreement, Note, and General Non-Arbitrage Certificate be adopted with the stated correction in the interest rate (7.1%). Mr. Lindstrom seconded; the motion carried.

ZONING AND PLANNING ADMINISTRATOR Mr. Perry had no report. The role of the Zoning Committee was discussed. It was confirmed that the Zoning Committee (Perry, Al-Awar, Butterwick) still exists, and suggested that this committee should be discussing issues related to the Zoning Ordinance in order to make recommendations to the Planning Commission. The question was raised as to whether Ann Arbor Township ordinances apply in Barton Hills Village when the village has no specific ordinance of its own, i.e. the sign ordinance.

PLANNING COMMISSION Mr. Boddie had no report.


Recreation Ms. Bogat asked about a date for the fall picnic; Sunday afternoon, September 14 was suggested if Jan and Dave Esch will be available. The issue of subsidizing with tax money social functions that don’t benefit all residents was raised. It was noted that other things, such as the tennis courts, are provided with municipal funds; also that the village has revenues other than tax dollars.

Mr. Al-Awar reported that Underdown Road and portions of Barton Shore Drive and Oakdale Road have been paved, adding that he thought the company did a good job (other Trustees agreed).

Village Administration Center Mr. Lindstrom commented on his written report, stating that the project is making good progress. The second bill has been received but is being held until all subcontractors sign off.

Lighting Mrs. MacKrell showed samples of sidewalk lighting fixtures that meet the criteria of durability, low voltage, adequate lighting and appropriate design.

Signage The sign is proposed to be attached to the very large rock that was unearthed during excavation of the site. A bronze plaque (similar to BHCC) would cost about $3,000; individual letters are also being explored. Trustees favored a smaller sign and suggested chiseling into the rock. Motion Mr. Lindstrom moved that the cost of the sign not exceed $1,250, with first preference for chiseled letters, second for bronze plaque. Mr. Boddie seconded; the motion carried. This does not include the cost of having the boulder put in place which can be done while the large equipment is in the area.

Fencing Ms. Laporte asked for guidance on the size of the fence and amount of area to be screened. Following the perimeter of the concrete pad would require about 30’ of fencing. A smaller fence just around the pump island was suggested, with plants in planters that would climb the fence. Motion Ms. Bogat moved to recommend a minimal fence on two sides of the gas pumps that will hide the pumps but not the entire concrete pad. Mr. Lindstrom seconded; the motion carried with Ms. Laporte voting no.

Landscaping Discussion included:

--There are advantages in asking Margolis for a revised plan since they are doing the finish site work. Now that the building is in place they have more information to work with.

--It is assumed there will be lawn along the sides and rear of the building, so the areas to be landscaped are along the front of the building and near the parking lot to soften the view of the back of the maintenance buildings.

--Other providers can be considered, or it may be most cost effective to purchase the plants and have the BHV maintenance crew install them.

--Since the planting won’t be done until the spring of 2009, BHMC may allow additional time to complete this portion of the project.

Motion Mr. Wilkes moved that the committee pursue a revised plan from Margolis, and other options as needed to provide a cost-effective landscaping plan. Mr. Boddie seconded; the motion carried.

Water In view of the relatively late hour, Mr. Wilkes requested that discussion of the Phase II Stormwater Permit be postponed to the next meeting. The permit has been renewed so time is not critical.

BHMC Liaison No report.

Environmental No report.

Finance No report.

Long RangePlanning No report.

Maintenance Area/Buildings No report.

Ordinance Revision No report.

Personnel No report.

Security No report.

Zoning/ZO Revision No report.


Village Attorney The committee has compiled a list of possible candidates and is working through it. Ms. Laporte stated that municipal attorneys are hard to find but there were still some options. Billings from Foster Swift for recent work done were considered too high, with several Trustees voicing support for finding another law firm.


BHCC Golf Tournament BHV will be included as an additional insured for the ladies golf tournament to be held September 6-11, 2008 at Barton Hills Country Club. Ann Arbor Township will provide stand-by emergency services, and BHCC expects that the crowds will be spread out over the several days so there shouldn’t be significant impact on BHV residents.

Telecommunications Mr. Al-Awar has received a proposal from Black Dot Wireless representing AT&T to lower the water tower antenna rent from $36,000 to $32,500 per year with 5-year incremental raises of 12% rather than 20%. The current contract doesn’t expire for 5 years. Mr. Boddie reviewed the offer and noted the proposal offers no advantages for BHV. No changes will be made.

Ms. Laporte moved the meeting be adjourned to closed session (personnel) at 8:02 PM. Ms. Bogat seconded; the motion carried.

Mary Bennett acting for
Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk