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June 9, 2008



June 9, 2008

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Laporte at 6:27 PMat the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Bogat, Butterwick, Langford Laporte, Lindstrom, MacKrell and Wilkes. Absent: None.

Others attending: ZPA Perry, Asst. Treasurer Redies, Supt. Esch, BHMC President Bultman and resident Zakhour Youssef.

FENCE PERMIT The application for a fence permit submitted by Zakhour and Androulla Youssef, 440 Barton Shore Drive, was discussed. It was agreed that sufficient information showing the location and nature of the proposed fence had been received and sufficient notice given to neighbors, as required by the BHV Zoning Ordinance Section 4.05. Zoning variance to construct a portion of the fence in the side set back has been approved by the BHV Board of Zoning Appeals (June 9, 2008). Mr. Youssef distributed a drawing and photos showing the proposed 4’ high black aluminum fence. There are no houses near to the property except for the Farhat home at 231 Corrie Road; the Farhats sent a letter in support of the project. Mr. Youssef estimated that the Farhat house is about 500’ from his, and explained that his house is high on a hill with steep ravines on the sides, making it a dangerous place for his grandchildren to play without the protection of a fence. Motion Mr. Boddie moved to approve the application for a permit to construct a fence at 440 Barton Shore Drive as submitted by owners Zakhour and Androulla Youssef. Ms. Bogat seconded; the motion carried.


MINUTES Motion Mr. Wilkes moved that the minutes of the May 20, 2008Trustees meeting be approved as printed. Mr. Lindstrom seconded; the motion carried.

FINANCE Mrs. Redies distributed the Cash Balances Comparison Report. She reported that the final tax report has been received and the amount to be collected in taxes is $525,847 rather than the anticipated $580,400 that the 2008-2009 budget is based on. Mr. Boddie added that declining property values contributed to the $55,000 shortfall and that the budget would need to be revised. Recommendations to that effect will be presented to the Trustees at the next meeting.

ZONING AND PLANNING ADMINISTRATOR There were no questions on Mr. Perry’s written report.

PLANNING COMMISSION Mr. Boddie reported that the Planning Commission meeting scheduled for June 5, 2008 was rescheduled to June 11, 2008 due to lack of quorum. At the May 15, 2008meeting, the Commissioners met with consultant Dick Carlisle of Carlisle/Wortman Associates and began discussion of core community values. It is expected that Mr. Carlisle will submit a draft for the Commissioners to work on at the June 11 meeting.


Roads/Vehicles Mr. Al-Awar referred to his written report concerning the question of having a truck rather than a car as a security vehicle that was raised at the Annual Meeting. This has been previously discussed by the Trustees who reaffirmed their conclusion that a patrol car presents a different image than a truck would, and that it has features specific to the job intended, such as a cooling system for long periods of idling. Motion Mr. Lindstrom moved that the present practice be continued of having a Barton Hills Villagepatrol car that looks like a typical sheriff’s car. Mrs. Langford seconded; the motion carried. Motion Mr. Al-Awar moved that the new patrol car be ordered as soon as possible; Mr. Butterwick seconded. The motion failed with Mr. Al-Awar’s being the only vote in favor. Recommendation concerning the actual purchase of the car will be included in the budget discussion at the July 2008 Trustee meeting.

Mr. Al-Awar further reported that one quote for road paving had been received, with a second one possibly being submitted. The same company that paved the maintenance area and tennis courts this year offered an estimate of $45,000 to pave Underdown Road, a small section of Barton Shore Drive and the access road leading to 855 and 859 Oakdale Road. Mr. Boddie noted that maintaining the road system is a major duty of the board and funding for paving would not be reduced in the budget revision. It was also noted that rising petroleum prices will likely boost the cost of asphalt. Motion Mr. Lindstrom moved that the lowest bid in hand one week from today (June 16, 2008) be accepted for road paving. Mr. Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried.

Village Administration Center Mr. Lindstrom referred to his written report indicating that the contract with Construction Solutions has been signed by both the contractor and BHV. He displayed samples of brick, mortar, accent stone, shingles and aluminum trims that will be used on the VAC. These samples were reviewed and approved by BHMC at their June 4, 2008meeting. The contractor has applied for building permits and is waiting for review of the soil erosion permit application by Ann Arbor Township. Appreciation was expressed to Trustees Laporte and MacKrell who spent hours with architect Wier selecting the exterior materials.

Ms. Laporte displayed the landscape plan developed by Barry Margolis, the subcontractor who will be doing the site finishing on the project (chosen in hopes that having the same vendor will provide an efficient and cost effective process). The plan is minimalist and within budget, proposing plantings in three general areas:

1) along the front of the new building, where two anchor trees (smaller, flowering ornamentals) and low shrubbery/plantings are proposed;

2) along the back of the tin shed between the shed and the new parking area (20’ width), where flowering shrubs and evergreens are proposed; and

3) in front of the gas pumps, where tall, slender junipers are proposed for the very narrow space (about 4’). 

Plantings were selected for mix of color/evergreen, year-round appearance and aversion to being eaten by the deer; estimated cost is $11,500. Small lights along the sidewalk and a sign made of some durable material to be located between the entrance driveway and the landmark oak tree (additional cost for these elements) were also included in the landscape plan that was submitted to BHMC at the June 4, 2008 meeting. BHMC chose to table the issue, requesting BHV attention to several concerns. Following discussion of these concerns, the Trustees paused the meeting to take a walk around the area, then returned to address the following items:

1) BHMC thinks the junipers proposed to screen the gas pumps will not provide adequate coverage. While they are small they will be sparse; when they are large enough to hide the pumps they will spill out into the driveway. A fence or wall (perhaps in matching brick) may be more suitable. Keeping in mind both aesthetic and safety issues, the Trustees decided to paint the gas pumps and the guard rails (existing end posts and new side rail) to coordinate with a wooden lattice fence that would be covered with some variety of ivy or similar climbing plant.

2) BHMC prefers commercial grade lighting along the sidewalk that will be more durable than residential grade. This will be investigated. Lighting will be motion-activated at both ends with perhaps one fixture continuously lit, in a design appropriate to the Prairie-influenced style of the new building. It was noted that commercial grade fixtures require installation by an electrician rather than a landscaper.

3) No lighting was proposed for the parking area; BHMC questioned this omission. It was determined by the Trustees that lighting is not required by code, and that if it is later felt that lighting is needed, fixtures can be attached to the tin shed that will shine down on the area and will not intrude on neighboring residential property.

4) BHMC advocated screening between the parking area and the (Ward) employee home to prevent light and sound intrusion. The Trustees affirmed that plans are already under way to screen the Ward home from the maintenance area in general by providing additional landscaping closer to the house. The Ward family will be consulted on the selection of landscaping materials to be used.

5) The 8’ width of the sidewalk leading from the parking lot to the new building was questioned by BHMC, with concern expressed for the inadequacy of the lighting fixtures to illuminate the entire width and fear that visitors would be tempted to drive up the sidewalk. The Trustees discussed the original design that has a sturdier base to allow for the sidewalk to be plowed with the village truck. It was suggested that clearing a 5’ width with the village snowblower would be adequate, and that deliveries could be expected to be made using a handtruck. Motion Mr. Boddie moved that the original design calling for a sidewalk 8 feet wide, connecting the parking lot to the main entrance of the Village Administration Center, not be changed. Mr. Al-Awar seconded. Mrs. MacKrell called the question, seconded by Mr. Wilkes and carried. The motion was defeated with Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Langford and Wilkes voting yes; Trustees Bogat, Butterwick, Laporte, Lindstrom and MacKrell voting no. Motion Mrs. MacKrell moved that the width of the sidewalk from the parking lot to the main entrance of the Village Administration Centerbe changed from 8 feet to 5 feet with anticipation that the cost will be reduced. Mr. Wilkes seconded; the motion carried with Mr. Boddie voting no.

6) The landscaping plan presented by BHV was generally acceptable to BHMC in terms of areas of plantings. The Trustees determined that there are too many plants on the drawing and will discuss this with the landscaper.

BHMC Liaison No report.

Environmental No report.

Finance No report.

Long RangePlanning No report.

Maintenance Area/Buildings No report.

Ordinance Revision No report.

Personnel No report.

Recreation No report.

Security No report.

Water No report.

Zoning/ZO Revision No report.



Appointment of Village Attorney Will Boddie and Adele Laporte were appointed as a committee to investigate this matter; Randy Perry will also be asked to serve on the committee.

Committee Appointment Change Forrest Butterwick was appointed to replace Cheryl MacKrell as Chair of the Environmental Committee.

Mr. Wilkes moved the meeting be adjourned at 7:53 PM. Mr. Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried.

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk