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September 17, 2007



September 17, 2007

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Laporte at 7:35 PMat the Village Hall. Newly elected Trustee Elizabeth Langford was welcomed and with returning Trustees Riad Al-Awar, Will Boddie, Forrest Butterwick and James Wilkes took the oath of office.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Bogat, Butterwick, Langford, Laporte, MacKrell and Wilkes. Absent: Trustee Lindstrom.

Others attending: Atty. Reading, Asst. Treasurer Redies, Supt. Esch, BHMC President Bultman and resident Sharbyn Pleban.


Two-Year Term Due to the election transition schedule, one of the six Trustees elected on September 11, 2007 will serve a two-year rather than a four-year term. Will Boddie will serve the short term as determined by drawing of straws.

President Mrs. MacKrell nominated Adele Laporte for the office of President; seconded by Mrs. Langford. Mr. Al-Awar nominated Will Boddie; seconded by Mr. Butterwick. The nominations were closed. After two rounds of paper ballots both ending in a 4-4 tie, Mrs. MacKrell moved that the decision be made by lot. Mrs. Langford seconded; the motion carried with Trustees Al-Awar, Bogat and Wilkes voting no. Ms. Laporte was selected as President by drawing of straws.

President Pro Tem Mr. Al-Awar nominated Will Boddie for the office of President Pro Tem; seconded by Mrs. MacKrell. The nominations were closed and Mr. Boddie was elected President Pro Tem by acclamation vote.

Clerk Mrs. MacKrell nominated Forrest Butterwick for the office of Clerk; seconded by Mr. Al-Awar. The nominations were closed and Mr. Butterwick was elected Clerk by acclamation vote. Mr. Butterwick took the oath of office.

Appointments The following appointments were made by President Laporte:

Treasurer Will Boddie
Assistant Treasurer Carolyn Redies
Attorney Mark Reading
Deputy Clerk Jan Esch
Assessor Adele Laporte

Mr. Boddie moved to accept the appointments. Mr. Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried.

The following resolution was proposed by Mr. Butterwick, seconded by Mr. Wilkes and adopted.

BE IT RESOLVED that since John D. Boyle has served as Village Trustee for six months;
and, whereas he has faithfully offered service and carried out the assignments of this volunteer position for the good of Barton Hills Village during that time, the members of the Board of Trustees wish to thank Mr. Boyle for this dedication and loyalty to the Village Trustees and the residents of Barton Hills and express appreciation and extend their best wishes to him.
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution be recorded in the minutes of the Barton
Hills Village Board of Trustees.

Committee Assignments Ms. Laporte will email the current committee list to the Trustees who should contact her with their requests for assignments. She also asked for input from the Board concerning goals for the coming year. Mrs. MacKrell moved that current committee assignments continue and approval of the new committee list be tabled until the October 15, 2007 Trustee meeting. Mr. Boddie seconded; the motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT Resident Charles Bultman asked for clarification regarding the application of Ann Arbor Townshipordinances in BHV. Mr. Reading responded that only the Soil Erosion ordinance is applicable by specific statute. Mr. Reading was not aware of any similar enabling act which would allow a township ordinance to be effective in BHV.

MINUTES Motion Mr. Boddie moved that the minutes of the August 20, 2007Trustees meeting be approved. Mr. Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried.

FINANCE Mrs. Redies distributed the cash balances and comparison report. It was noted that there are five owners (six parcels) who are delinquent in paying their taxes and established procedures will be followed in regard to these owners.

ZONING AND PLANNING ADMINISTRATOR No report. It was noted that Mr. Perry was absent due to the later beginning time of the meeting. This time is set by charter. It was suggested that this and other portions, such as the election section, need to be amended. Trustees were asked to read the charter and submit any proposed changes to Mrs. Esch.


Buildings Discussion of the written report focused on the proposal from InSite Design for the landscaping. The Trustees shared the committee’s concern for the cost as inconsistent with the goals of the project. It was suggested that the proposal be distributed to the Trustees to read. Support was voiced for the committee’s investigation of other alternatives, including a reduction in services from InSite Design and consideration of other landscape architects.

Water Mr. Wilkes referred to his written report, asking for input from the Trustees regarding the Phase II Stormwater program. BHV is currently required to apply for a yearly permit, involving expense and a great deal of time, to manage stormwater runoff into the Huron River. Two Michigantownships have successfully sued the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) on the argument that they did not own or operate a municipal storm sewer system; further Ann Arbor Townshipis planning to requesthas been granted the same exemption. Amended 10/16/07 Discussion focused on the private ownership of BHV roads and water system, and whether it would be best to ask for exemption and let MDEQ inspect BHV to determine the outcome. Mr. Wilkes will proceed as he deems best based on Trustee comments.

Roads Mr. Al-Awar stated that the original bid for paving the maintenance area was $54,374. It was intended that storm sewers be installed, but when grading was done it was discovered that a large quantity of fill would be needed, so a swale directing water to the field was created instead at a savings of $5,020. It was decided to use the funds to pave the road down to the tennis courts, add several parking spaces there and pave the driveway to the Ward house. There was also a problem area where the recycling bin was located that required extra undercutting and filling. Mr. Al-Awar requested approval of the additional amount spent on the project ($62,199 actual cost less $54,374 bid cost=$7,825). Motion Mr. Boddie moved that the additional cost for paving the maintenance area be approved as presented. Mr. Wilkes seconded; the motion carried. Mr. Al-Awar added that the paving of the tennis courts was covered by a separate bid ($23,825) and will not be completely paid until the final surface coat, post installation and other work is completed in the spring. It was suggested that the nets be taken down in the winter; Mr. Esch replied he had tried that before and people were always calling, wanting the nets put up so they could use the courts in the off season.

Security Mr. Butterwick expressed concern about a large dead tree near the intersection of Barton Shore Drive and Juniper Lane. Mr. Esch replied that it was difficult to determine if the tree was on private property or in the right-of-way, and he thought BHV should take care of it. There are other dead trees that need attention; Mr. Esch was asked to use his judgment in what should be cut and when.

Environmental Impact No report.

Finance No report.

Long RangePlanning No report.

Personnel No report.

Recreation No report.

Vehicles/Equipment No report.

Zoning No report.

UNFINISHED BUSINESS Ms. Laporte reported on the status of the land transfer. The surveys and legal descriptions have been obtained and the county board of equalization has assigned new parcel numbers. BHMC Atty. Lloyd found that the process was not completed relative to the employee house (Ward) parcel so that will be done as well. Mrs. Langford has participated in the meetings and agreed with Ms. Laporte’s report. Mr. Bultman added that he had spoken with Mr. Lloyd on September 14, 2007; he understood there would still be opportunity to stop the process if there were any negative tax consequences and it was expected the matter would be settled before the October 15, 2007 Trustee meeting.

NEW BUSINESS Mr. Al-Awar has received calls from a persistent AT&T representative wanting to renegotiate the antenna lease; he responded that the Trustees would require a written offer and had no desire to make any changes. Mr. Al-Awar also noted that AT&T recently installed more equipment on the water tower (with BHV approval) so it is unlikely they will cancel the lease.

Issue Update:

--A question was asked about the status of the Zoning Ordinance revision; the Zoning Committee is working on that project and welcomes input.

--Concern was expressed for the frequency of power outages.

--Mr. Esch was asked about the speed control sign that was to be rented; he responded that Washtenaw Countyhas a sign that may be available to borrow for free (as soon as it is repaired) rather than paying $650 to rent a sign that must be picked up and returned to Grand Rapids. He will check further with the county.

--Regarding the notification for deer management, only two residents responded to Barton Bulletin invitations to work on this issue. It was suggested that a phone line be installed that would have a pre-recorded message indicating whether the management team was in the Village or not.

--Mr. Reading stated that the Uniform Traffic Code has been repealed/replaced and that BHV needs to adopt the new version in order to enforce speed limits. It was questioned whether speed tables would be allowed under the new code; Mr. Reading will investigate further.

Mrs. MacKrell moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:58 PM. Ms. Bogat seconded; the motion carried.

Janice K. Esch, Deputy Clerk