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May 22, 2007



May 22, 2007

The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Laporte at 7:52 PM at Barton Hills Country Club. Ms. Laporte welcomed the residents in attendance, thanking them for their interest and input, and encouraging them to continue their participation throughout the year. The Trustees introduced themselves.

ROLL CALL Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Boyle, Butterwick, Laporte, Lindstrom and Wilkes. Absent: Trustees Bogat and MacKrell.

Others attending: Atty. Reading, Asst. Treas. Redies, Supt. Esch, ZPA Perry, BHMC President Bultman, BHMC Atty. Lloyd and 37 residents.

MOTION Mr. Al-Awar moved that the minutes of the April 16, 2007 Trustee meeting be approved as printed. Mr. Boyle seconded; the motion carried.



May 22, 2007

The Public Budget Hearing was convened at 8:00 PM at Barton Hills Country Club.

Present: Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Boyle, Butterwick, Laporte, Lindstrom and Wilkes. Absent: Trustees Bogat and MacKrell.

Others attending: Atty. Reading, Asst. Treas. Redies, Supt. Esch, ZPA Perry, BHMC President Bultman, BHMC Atty. Lloyd and 37 residents.

Ms. Laporte stated that a synopsis of the Barton Hills Village and Barton Hills Maintenance Corporation 2007-2008 proposed budget was distributed to all residents (See Barton Bulletin Vol. LIII No. 5) and invited comments from the public. There being no questions or comments, the public hearing was closed at 8:02 PM. The Board of Trustees meeting was reconvened.

FINANCE Mrs. Redies distributed the cash balances and comparison report. Treasurer Boddie commented that the budget is extremely frugal and has ended with a surplus in eight of the last ten years. The tax millage rate has remained at 10 mills for a number of years.

MOTION Mr. Wilkes moved that a millage rate of 10.000 mills be levied to generate $571,600 in village taxes for operating expenses, and that the amended 2006-2007 budget and proposed 2007-2008 budget be approved. (See Aux. Book XVI D). Mr.

Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried.

COMMITTEE REPORTS Written committee reports were distributed to the residents in the Barton Bulletin (See Vol. LIII, No. 6). Comments or questions from the audience regarding the reports were:

Q. Are property owners responsible for damage done to the roads during construction? As I’ve been walking, I’ve noticed a lot of road damage near building sites. Is this part of the building permit? A. We have not asked property owners to repair roads, although we have asked that dirt and spills be cleaned up. However, it may be time to consider adding a percentage fee for repairs. We will ask Atty. Reading to investigate how our ordinance could be changed to address this issue.

Q. Some cities fill in cracks in the road surface to make them last a bit longer before complete resurfacing. It doesn’t look great, but it seems to help. Has this been considered for BHV? A. It has been suggested, although not done due to aesthetics. It probably would prolong the life of the pavement a little, and we will look into this along with our regular paving schedule.

Q. Speeding is a problem in the village and at least some of it seems to be BHCC employees. Are we using the radar regularly? Is the patrol car out and visible during peak times? Can we get one of those signs that tells what your speed is? They seem to have an impact on traffic. A. Regular notices are given to both employees and guests of BHCC asking them to adhere to the speed limit. Mr. Esch does patrol in the car, sometimes sitting in the open and sometime less obviously. The Washtenaw County Sheriff patrols, but we don’t have a regular agreement with them anymore. It was getting very expensive. They travel through BHV, but don’t sit at particular spots. We could ask them about that. Also, village residents have been known to be regular offenders—we need to take care ourselves to stick to the limit. The speed sign is a good idea, especially since there are a lot more children in BHV these days, and more cut through traffic due to road construction in our area. The signs are hard to find, but we will see what is available. We all need to set the tone of driving slowly and carefully.

Q. Can a sign be placed at the Upper entrance directing people to BHCC? Someone, maybe the Club, posts signs for special events, but people are always getting lost on their way to the Club. A. BHV doesn’t have a sign saying Barton Hills Country Club, but maybe there should be one. The Board will talk about this.

Q. It was asked earlier if the water system needed attention and funding more than the office building project. Does it? A. The Water Committee just submitted its 128th report, and has a long record of diligent stewardship of the water system. In 1999 the committee explored in detail the possibility of a community iron removal plant. After visiting such a plant in Milford, Michigan and investigating options, it was determined that the cost would be $682,000—well over a million dollars today. Since we have no municipal sewer system to dispose of the sludge being removed, we would have to truck the sludge out, which makes the project unfeasible. The city of Chelsea has a central system that has been of immense trouble and expense since it was installed. We conduct a number of water tests under the strict jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). Recently we had high levels of lead in one house tested. Subsequent tests have all been typically low, and that house when retested was well under the acceptable level. We are confident lead levels are not a problem in the water source or the community system, suspecting that the one high test was due to old plumbing fixtures in the home. BHV water is of very good quality, but it does have iron that needs to be removed through in-home water treatment systems.

Q. What in-home system works best for water treatment? We’ve tried a couple of different systems, but the water quality seems to be random—it will be fine for awhile, then all of a sudden be bad, then back to good again. A. You are exactly right; the water quality can be quite random. We wish we knew why the sudden poor quality occurs in various places at various times, but we don’t. It just does that sometimes.

In 2000 the Water Committee prepared a report on its evaluation of various systems, and we’d be glad to give you a copy.

Q. Does BHV add fluoride to the water? My dentist tested my water and said there was no fluoride in it. A. The MDEQ told us originally that there was enough natural fluoride in BHV water and we shouldn’t add any more. We can check to see if that is still true.

Board Comment: About 2 ˝% of the residents are delinquent on their water bills since 2002. Other municipalities give 4-6 weeks notice before shutting off the water. We will be doing that, since it has become obvious these people don’t intend to pay their bill.

Q. What is the status of the pool by the tennis courts? A. The community pool was established in the 1960’s as a 20-year facility; now over 40 years later it leaks and has insufficient membership to sustain it any longer. The Trustees have approved the removal of the concrete, filling in and landscaping of the area, leaving the bathrooms for the convenience of those using the tennis courts and Village Green. A bid was received for this work at a cost of $10,000; a second bid was $15,000, so the first bid has been accepted.

MOTION Mr. Boddie moved that the annual committee reports be accepted as submitted. Mr. Al-Awar seconded; the motion carried.

PUBLIC COMMENT Ms. Laporte welcomed residents, introducing new resident Amy Conger (and Chris Bell who left with the children) of Juniper Lane. The public was invited to share questions or comments. Jeanne Paul thanked BHV for having garlic mustard pulled on public property, including the area abutting her home on Whitmore Lake Road. She estimated that she spent about 6 weeks last year pulling the invasive species from her property, which was very hard work that paid off, as evidenced by her only having to spend about 6 hours so far this year. Ms. Paul added that wildflowers are returning to their woodland, and encouraged everyone to continue the effort to control garlic mustard. Ms. Laporte added that the community must work together and that information is being sent to residents to help achieve this goal.


Mr. Boyle moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:32 PM. Mr. Boddie seconded; the motion carried.

Jan Esch, Deputy Clerk