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September 19, 2005

TRUSTEES OF BARTON HILLS VILLAGE                                       
September 19, 2005

The Organization meeting of the Board of Trustees was called to order by President Pro Tem Al-Awar at 7:31 PM at the Village Hall.

ROLL CALL     Present:  Trustees Al-Awar, Boddie, Bogat, Butterwick, Laporte, Lindstrom and MacKrell,;  Atty. Reading, Asst. Treas. Redies and Supt. Esch;  BHMC President Bultman.  Absent:  Trustees Perry and Wilkes.  

Mrs. Esch administered the oath of office to Trustees Bogat, Laporte and MacKrell.  


President     Mrs. MacKrell nominated Adele Laporte for the office of President;  seconded by Mr. Lindstrom.  Riad Al-Awar nominated himself for the office of President;  seconded by Mr. Butterwick.  Mrs. MacKrell moved that the nominations be closed;  seconded by Mr. Butterwick and carried.  Mrs. Laporte was elected President by a 4-3 secret ballot vote and assumed chair of the meeting.

President Pro Tem     Mr. Al-Awar nominated Forrest Butterwick for the office of President Pro Tem;  seconded by Mr. Lindstrom.  Mrs. Laporte nominated Cheryl MacKrell for the office of President Pro Tem;  seconded by Mr. Lindstrom.  Mr. Lindstrom moved that the nominations be closed;  seconded by Mrs. MacKrell and carried.  Mrs. MacKrell was elected President Pro Tem by a 5-2 secret ballot vote.

Clerk     Following discussion concerning the office of Village Clerk and understanding that the office may be held by any resident, including a Trustee (BHV Charter Section 3.7), Mr. Lindstrom moved to nominate Forrest Butterwick for the office of Clerk, close nominations and elect Mr. Butterwick to that office.  Mr. Al-Awar seconded;  the vote carried by unanimous voice vote.

APPOINTMENTS     The following appointments were proposed by President Laporte:
    Treasurer  Will Boddie             Assistant Treasurer  Carolyn Redies        
    Attorney  Mark Reading          Assistant Clerk  Jan Esch
    Assessor  Adele Laporte

Motion     Mrs. MacKrell moved to approve the appointments as presented.  Mr.
Al-Awar seconded;  the motion carried.

It was noted that assessments are determined by the Ann Arbor Township assessor through an agreement between Barton Hills Village and Ann Arbor Township.

Motion    Mrs. MacKrell moved that the minutes of the August 15, 2005 Trustee meeting be approved with the following correction:  page 4, Zoning, Motion line 4:  "ůZoning Ordinance.  This motion rescinded an earlier motion that supported the concept of the proposed fence for safety reasons, even though the location of the fence on the property line would not be in compliance with the BHV Zoning Ordinance."  Mr. Boddie seconded;  the motion carried.

FINANCE      Mrs. Redies read the cash balances as of September 19, 2005:

Cash Balances
    General Fund
        Checking Account              $  10,559
        Savings                              858,460
Total General Fund                     $ 869,019
    Public Improvement Reserve Fund
        Savings                            $112,260
    Motor Vehicle Highway Fund
        Savings                            $  97,952

        Bank One Govt. Trust Account  $   743,389
        Bank of Ann Arbor                       119,173
        Ann Arbor Commerce Bank CD        106,537
        United Bank & Trust Washtenaw      99,573
Total Savings                                 $1,068,672

Mrs. Redies responded to a question concerning property taxes that all but one resident had paid their current tax bill, and that Michigan Consolidated Gas Company had paid  only a portion due to pending litigation not directly related to BHV.  Delinquent bills are turned over to Washtenaw County on March 1st.

COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS     Mrs. Laporte distributed copies of the current Committee Assignments chart, asking that Trustees indicate their preferences to her by email.  Since there is no current Recreation chair, it was agreed that Mrs. Esch could proceed with arrangements for the Village Dinner.

LONG RANGE PLANNING       Mrs. MacKrell requested response from those committees that received forms for the Continuity of Government report.  She will explore the possibility of a cooperative agreement with Barton Hills County Club in case of an emergency situation requiring additional building space.

Regarding the M-14/Barton Drive issue, Mrs. MacKrell requested contact information for people who serve on various community boards/organizations and urged Trustees to continue efforts to gather support for keeping the interchange open.  Mrs. MacKrell has the complete Northeast Area Transportation report if anyone is interested in reading it.

ORDINANCE REVIEW     Mrs. Laporte had no report.    
PERSONNEL     The committee had no report.

RECREATION     Mrs. Esch will handle arrangements for the Village Dinner on October 19, 2005 and the Halloween Hayride on October 31, 2005.

ROADS     Mr. Al-Awar stated that paving of Barton North Drive and the access drive off Underdown Road is scheduled to begin next week.  Driveway paving information was included in the Barton Bulletin so residents can make individual arrangements.
SECURITY     Mr. Butterwick deferred to Mr. Esch who reported five false alarms during the past month.  Discussion followed concerning the intersection of Underdown Road and Barton Shore Drive where visibility is limited.  Mr. Al-Awar will investigate the possibility of installing a mirror at the location.
VEHICLES/EQUIPMENT     Mr. Esch stated that a new garbage truck box has been ordered and is expected to arrive around November 1st to replace the current one that is rusted through and no longer leakproof.

WATER     Mr. Wilkes was absent.  Mr. Esch noted that the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is still considering the well replacement situation.

ZONING    Mr. Al-Awar reported that zoning review is in progress for the Probst/Klein home at 280 Barton North Drive.  

A letter was sent to Mr. Youssef at 440 Barton Shore Drive relaying Atty. Reading's counsel concerning the process applicable to Mr. Youssef's request for a fence.  No response has been received from Mr. Youssef.

Motion     Mr. Al-Awar moved that the request from Mr. Youssef regarding a fence at  his home at 440 Barton Shore Drive be tabled another month to see if there is any response from Mr. Youssef.  Mrs. MacKrell seconded;  the motion carried.

BUILDINGS     Mr. Lindstrom distributed a draft newsletter that the committee proposes to send to the residents.  The newsletter gives an update on the progress of the committee without any commitments to a particular plan at this time.  Mr. Lindstrom pointed out the various aspects of the newsletter, adding that the committee is working on a conceptual recommendation to bring to both the BHV and BHMC Boards.  It is hoped that this can be done in the fourth quarter of 2005, with public forums early in 2006 if the conceptual plan is supported by the boards.  No funds have been expended to date except for anticipated additional compensation to Mrs. Redies for her extra time spent sorting financial records.  Mr. Bultman confirmed that BHMC has not incurred any expenses in relation to the project, and Mrs. Esch added that time spent sorting BHMC records has not exceeded her normal compensation to date.  Trustees congratulated the committee members on their efforts so far.  Mr. Lindstrom noted that the committee may increase by one member if BHMC sends a new representative.  John MacKrell is no longer a BHMC Director, but will continue to serve on the VAC Committee.    
Motion     Mrs. MacKrell moved that the first issue and subsequent issues of the newsletter from the Village Administrative Center Committee be distributed to all Barton Hills Village residents to keep them apprised of the activities of the committee.  Mr. Lindstrom seconded;  the motion carried.

Mr. Lindstrom added that VAC Committee meetings have been well attended with active participation by committee members.  Copies of meeting minutes will continue to be sent to the BHV President.  Regarding the process, Mr. Lindstrom stated that specific conceptual elements such as site and basic design would be established with both boards and the public, but that architectural details would be obtained from a professional at the appropriate time.  It was noted that engineering information already obtained may still be useful.

ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT     The committee had no report but Mr. Esch stated that of the 32 trees scheduled for removal under the $4800 agreement with a private contractor only 3 were still left to be cut.  Mr. Bultman asked if the buckthorn surrounding the tree removed at the top of Underdown Road would also be removed.  Mr. Lindstrom replied that the Forestry report recommended such removal and that the EI Committee would include Mr. Bultman's suggestion in their discussion of future budget expenditures.  

FINANCE     Mr. Boddie stated that a letter had been received from T-Mobile regarding the telecommunications equipment at the water tower.  He felt there would be no financial benefit to BHV in renegotiating the lease, suggesting that if the company had found a better site they would just cancel as allowed by the current lease.  While the Board has already agreed to disregard such offers, Mr. Wilkes requested that this one be addressed since it came from a company actually paying rent on the space rather than an unrelated company.  Atty. Reading was asked to review the T-Mobile (formerly under VoiceStream) contract and advise.


NEW BUSINESS     It was suggested that the charter should be amended to delete the required 7:30 PM time of the Organization Meeting;  also that the fiscal year and Annual Meeting time might be changed to accommodate the change in the election date.  Since the charter was amended in May 2004 no additional amendments can be made for two years but these items could be investigated and preparations made in advance.

Motion     Mr. Lindstrom moved that the time of the BHV Board of Trustees meeting scheduled for Monday, October 17, 2005 be changed from 5:45 PM to 6:00 PM.  Mrs. MacKrell seconded;  the motion carried.

There being no further pressing business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:10 PM.

Janice K. Esch, Assistant Clerk